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What emails will I receive about my order?

Last updated 2 years ago.

Digital Downloads

After purchasing a download from Shop street footie you will receive an email confirmation detailing the Digital order.  Following a greeting will be your name and a confirmation of your order. 


Subsequently to the introduction will be your order download. You can see what you ordered in the first column ‘Products’ ; the link will redirect you the product at store.streetfootie.net.  The second  column ‘Expires’ will display how much time you have before your download link expires. Start your quick download by following the link in the ‘Download’ column.  

Bellow the download link are more order details. Your order number and the date of your purchase will set precedence for this section.  The table below that will display product its quantity and price. Followed by the calculation of your ‘Subtotal’, ‘Tax’ and ‘Total’.


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